Bring lean and agile management principles to your project by leveraging queues to manage the work. WipQ makes this intuitive and easy to implement for solo professionals and small teams, giving you a clean transparent view of the progress of you project.

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MacCallGrind lets you analyse your application profile data natively on your Mac. With call tracing and function summaries, you’ll easily be able to detect and correct any parts of your application that are taking longer than they should. Just pass MacCallGrind your callgrind file and let it do the work for you.

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Compare colour combinations against the two WCAG standards to determine if they conform to accessibility requirements. Fovea also provides simulations for various eyesight conditions.

With built in support for WCAG contrast testing, image/screenshot testing and live web page testing with our inbuilt browser, you’ll always have the tools to ensure people with colour blindness have access to your content.

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